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Just some feedback I sent to Apple

“With the new “enhancement” auto submitting auto filled logins being such a time saver and decreasing the wear and tear on my “return” key and index finger, I wanted to thank the Apple team for not thinking what might happen when this runs into two factor authentication. What it does is slow down the whole process as I can no longer use auto fill for these sites because I can’t turn auto submit off!!!! I use two factor for security reasons and I had thought that Apple was all about security. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, could a way to turn auto submit off, either entirely or on an individual site basis be made so I can get on with my work. PLEASE and thank you.”

And I truly hope they listen and do something about this issue as more and more photography and other sites are using two factor authentication for the security of their users.

What do you think? (This issue I have is with the Safari browser for the Mac and I don’t know whether this type of issue is happening elsewhere)

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